Kabi Wood Legs

Kabi Wood Legs
Kabi Wood LegsKabi Wood LegsKabi Wood Legs

Kabi Wood Legs

Non-stackable chair without arms. 
Structure stained beech wood.
Shell single piece in 70% polypropylene + 30% fiberglass, 100% recyclable.
Foam cushion with 35 kg/m3 density and 15mm thickness for fully upholstered shells; foam cushion with 35kg/m3 density and 10mm thickness for versions with upholstered seat only; glued using eco-friendly waterborne adhesive.
Glides polypropylene.
Finishes stained with matt acrylic varnish with UV filter available in different options 
Upholstery seat only or fully upholstered.  See manufacturers' fabric specifications.

Environmental Certificates

UNE EN 16139 Resistencia, durabilidad y seguridad. Strenght, durability and safety. Résistance, durabilité et sécurité.
ISO 14006 Ecodesign.
EPD (Declaración medioambiental de producto, Environmental product declaration).

Recyclable up to 100 %.


Kabi Wood Legs

Measures Kabi Wood Legs


Product weight:

5,4 Kg

Packaging Information:

680x560x840 mm

Number of chairs per box:


Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

(for more than 1 unit contact factory)

Seat 0,54 lm / 10 feet
Fully 0,86 lm / 115 feet


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C5007 Distant blue

Colour / C283 Sky blue

Colour / C5018 Turquoise

Colour / C002 Black

Colour / C879 Graphite grey

Colour / C893 Mocha

Colour / C-3030 TERRACOTTA

Colour / C017 Rose

Colour / C008 White

Colour / C051 Grey beige

Colour / C952 Spicy mustard

Colour / C052 Traffic grey

Colour / C-3040 MINT

Colour / C6028 Pine green