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& Leache

Fusion of a light yet robust table design. Usoa is a meeting table program that meets and exceeds all expectations. It offers the best features of a table: robust worktops of natural materials, solid structure of metal with a clean light design that creates great personality. One of the main features of the Usoa program is its ability to cover large lengths, creating robust tables up to 5.4 meters long and 1.6 meters wide with only two columns. The multiple combinations of surface, color, shape and size allow you to create the perfect meeting table for any application.

great tables for big decisions

Akaba Usoa
Akaba Usoa
Akaba Usoa
Akaba UsoaAkaba Usoa
Akaba UsoaAkaba UsoaAkaba UsoaAkaba Usoa

strong character & natural lightness

Akaba UsoaAkaba Usoa
Akaba UsoaAkaba Usoa
Akaba Usoa
Akaba Usoa
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Tabuenca & Leache

Tabuenca & Leache

Tabuenca & Leache, Architects, since their foundation have developed a wide variety of projects from architecture (official buildings, industrial, sport centers, cultural, education, religious, etc), renovations, urban development, real state, interior design and product design. They have been awarded with several prizes and recognitions from different Institutions such as Spanish High Commission for Architecture, Architect's Association Basque Country-Navarra, Architect's Association of Madrid, Madrid Town Hall, the Ministry of Culture, Hyspalit, ASCER, MDA UNAV, ECOLA, Frate Sole Foundation, FAD Foundation, Delta ADI FAD and Mies Van der Rohe Foundation. In 1997, they were selected by the prestigious architects Rafael Moneo and Alvaro Siza, together with another 5 architectural studios, to be among the most relevant Iberian architects and to show their work on the 1st Spanish-Portuguese Architectural Exhibition held by the Dukes of Soria Foundation. Their work has been published in different national and international specialized publications such as El Croquis, AIT, Arquitectura Viva, AV, A+T, "Young Spanish Architects" (Birkhäuser), Diseño Interior, Guía de Arquitectura española 1929-1996, Detail, Casabella and A+U.