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Kabi means "nest" in our Basque language. Just sit on this chair and you'll see why it gets its name. It's that place that coddles you, protects you and makes you feel good. It doesn't take much to make you feel this comfortable. That's the key to the small pleasures. And that's the key to Kabi: maximum sensations with minimum resources. 

Kabi is a complete range of chairs designed around a polypropylene shell. A subtly flexible back allows each user to sit comfortably, to create their nest, to feel at home. Total well-being with a timeless image fully customizable with fabric or leather upholstery. The colours customize the seat, the structure and the legs. 

Kabi is highly versatile and functions well for widely differing spaces and uses. You may find your nest in a restaurant or bar, perhaps as the basic chair with no armrests. It can also come with a swivelling aluminium base or with multilaminate wooden legs, ideal for offices or hotels. The bases with or without castors and the two heights multiply the possibilities of their use. 

Although Kabi has discreet elegance as its essence, it can also stand out for its colour. We have a Kabi for every space and every person. We can help you to create your own Kabi; we adapt to your needs. 

a strong &
chair concept

Akaba KabiAkaba KabiAkaba KabiAkaba Kabi
Akaba KabiAkaba Kabi
Akaba Kabi
Akaba Kabi

works in many different purposes

Akaba KabiAkaba KabiAkaba Kabi
Akaba KabiAkaba KabiAkaba Kabi
Akaba Kabi
Akaba Kabi
Akaba Kabi
Akaba KabiAkaba Kabi

each model has it's own character

Akaba Kabi
Akaba Kabi
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Pensi Design Studio

Pensi Design Studio

Pensi Design Studio has been awarded numerous prizes and has received widespread recognition throughout his career, including the Spanish National Design Prize in 1997, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Energy and the BCD Foundation for outstanding professional achievement. If there is one thing which defines Pensi Design Studios products, it is their timelessness. Among the most well-known designs we can name the Gorka program for Akaba (1993), the Hola series for Kusch+Co (1993), Glassbox for Disform (1995), the Temps chair for Punt Mobles (1997) and the Artico and Duna collection for Cassina (1998).