Our people: Arkaitz


Today we bring an interview with a more personal touch, where Arkaitz, from his position of technical director in the area of new product development, tells us how he has lived these 22 years as part of Akaba, how the company has evolved and how things have changed since then until today.
These 22 years represent a trunk-load of stories and, of course, having known many people along the way, learning something from each one while assembling a decent set of tools for dealing with life.
Before going into more detail, let’s see how Arkaitz arrived at Akaba and why he would still choose this company as his place of work.
«It’s a family thing. My father was one of the founding members, as well as being the technical director from the outset. From a very young age I would help my father on weekends, visiting suppliers and drawing up plans in the afternoon. Years later, a series of circumstances in my life brought me to Akaba».
If anything characterises us as human beings it’s the ability to make choices, but also to better ourselves. Some of us are driven by our families, while in other cases a simple goal is motivation enough to get by every day.
Arkaitz believes that, over and above all of this, «the most important thing is to move forward and not to keep looking back to the past».
We often need references to teach us; from a very young age we learn by copying others, but when we become adults, we shake off the ties to fulfil ourselves as individuals.
I don’t believe in idols. The person I’ve always admired most is my father. He has been my mentor and my guide in life, despite the fact that we’re very different from one another. There’s no school or university that can teach you all the things he has taught me.
Work is part of a vocation, a vocation we share with those with whom we spend most of our time.
A: The main thing about the people at Akaba is their team spirit; we all get on very well together and help one another any way we can.
Arkaitz has seen numerous seasons and designs of Akaba products come and go, but for him, the Gorka chair holds a special place.


«Because it’s an iconic chair with the complex curves of its day and simply made. It’s a pleasure to observe, despite having been launched onto the market almost 30 years

While some objects are timeless, companies and people change constantly; how do these changes feel first-hand?
In my field, technology has experienced a revolution. In the early days we would draw in 2D and often even by hand. Today we draw everything in 3D, made much easier by email, by our ERP; generally speaking, everything has taken an enormous leap forward.
What would you say to a friend or relative who is planning to buy one of the brand products?

I’d tell them to buy it without further ado, it will pretty much be a lifelong investment.
To end the interview, and continue the line of comments left by the other interviewees, are you also one of those people who trust in the power of coffee before starting your working day?
I don’t drink coffee. I’m one of those people who leaves home, gets into the car and has 30 mins to get going and focus my mind on the day ahead.