Our people: Uxue

A few months ago we started publishing a series of interviews intended to give a closer look at the vision and background of the people at Akaba.

This time it’s the turn of Uxue Diez, a member of the communication team and who tells us, based on her short time here, what the brand means for her and the changes she’s seen since joining the company.

Uxue from AKABA


Uxue Diez:

I haven’t been here for long, but my experience has made me realise that this is a fairly dynamic sector and that our day-to-day work can surprise us all with new ways of doing things and going about our jobs.

I joined Akaba in July 2018, and the only thing I remember is my enthusiasm at starting to work here and which I still feel today.


No two days are the same, each new project means a new start for me and a new learning process

Despite not having been with the company for long, I have been lucky enough to participate in a variety of projects; however, if I had to choose one of them in particular, it would undoubtedly be working on AKABA’s new image.

Our mission was nothing more and nothing less than to portray a new image which would reflect what Akaba means today, but without losing sight of its beginnings and its evolution over the years as a brand and company.

This meant that we had a huge challenge ahead of us!

Our sector has changed enormously. We have had to develop new products to adapt to these changes and also needed to change our positioning within the market.

We’re still working on it, but it’s undoubtedly the most interesting and intense work I’ve been involved in until now.


There’s something about the development of this new image that’s difficult to explain, but which is undoubtedly one of the values that make Akaba different

The pleasant personal treatment and appreciation of our work make Akaba an attractive company to stay with as a place to develop both personally and professionally.

I believe its success lies in the fact that the workers are given responsibilities and trusted with them. I can therefore say that I work and belong to a dedicated and motivated team.


We all have projects in which we are directly and indirectly involved. 

We work in teams and most of us belong to more than one of them, meaning that the jobs we do throughout the day are varied and very different.

In the communication department we attend to different tasks directly related to the customers, such as managing orders.

And we indirectly participate in meetings to develop new products as well as programming contents for the brand’s different communication channels.


People management wouldn’t be the same without sharing experiences over a cup of coffee every morning...

I have to say that I really like the coffee break. Every morning, at around 11 o’clock, all of the office workers meet at our coffee corner (respecting distances and taking the corresponding safety measures of course ;-) ).

I love this time. It’s when we talk about things that happen to us outside the office, meaning that we get to know one another a little more personally.

And we’ve all got a bit of a sweet tooth, so we often bring a cake or biscuits to make the moment even sweeter. There are never any leftovers!

I love coffee and, depending on the time of day, I have it either with a lot of milk or just a dash. :-)