From inspiration to implementation.



In this Akaba newsletter, we want to take a look at designer Isaac Piñeiro from a more personal point of view, understanding aspects of his creative process, the motivation and the evolution, until coming to the final result of his creations.

We at Akaba hope this will serve as a meeting point to discover the philosophy and concept of the designs as well as the personality behind the designer.


What impact do you think your work has on people’s lives?

I.P.: I try to convey simplicity. To make people feel comfortable in the space where there is a piece of furniture or a lamp and to ensure that they enjoy seeing it and using it.


What motivates you to work with Akaba?

I.P.: The team of people and their dedication. For me it’s very important for relationships to be fluid and at Akaba I feel very much at home.


What do you enjoy most about your work?

I.P.: Every stage of a project has its good parts. Knowing materials or processes, drawing and discovering shapes. I thoroughly enjoy the work with my clients. But what I like most is a person’s reaction when they see a piece or try a chair, even if they say nothing, their reactions tell me a great deal.


Where do you get the inspiration for creating your designs?

I.P.: From many things and from nothing in particular; I collect phrases, concepts, references and images, and all of this is then there waiting to come out during the creative process of a project.  


What material do you like working with most?

I.P.: That’s not an easy question to answer, I like many, but if I have to choose one it’s wood.


Do you have any kind of daily routine that helps you to create new designs?

I.P.: Drawing or making fast models no matter what, even if there is no project. This is an exercise that helps to clear my head and to discover new shapes or ideas.


The Aia chair is a clear example of the aspects described by Isaac in his answers. An element which,  while simple at first glance, offers adaptability and comfort, a chair that is surprising for its versatility and myriad applications in different environments.