Moments brimming with life

Monday morning. Just another day in Ainhoa's busy schedule. Like always, she was getting ready to attend her regular meetings with designers and the rest of her work team. What Ainhoa didn't know was what fate had in store for her that day.

Before getting started on her hectic day, Ainhoa decided to have a coffee at her favourite cafeteria. A short distance away from her are Iván, Aitor and Cristina, nailing down the last details on what is about to be their new company, a business project that will join them for years on a thrilling adventure.

Ainhoa only had space in her mind to plan her day and her meetings, but the sound of broken dishes made her turn her gaze toward the other side of the cafeteria: There, amongst the smashed dishes and apologizing to the waiter, was Luis. Shortly thereafter, he would become the piece that would transform Ainhoa's business vision.



Cafeterias and restaurants are fascinating places where, every day, stories take place that define what we are, and sometimes change our lives. Like silent companions, the furniture and design elements set the stage for these moments that will be remembered throughout the rest of the characters' lives.


                         Xoko Stool 

At Akaba, we enjoy creating furniture like Xoko, with its own personality. Furniture to accompany Ainhoa, Luis, Iván, Aitor, Cristina and so many others during those important moments, or simply during...moments. But these moments are moments that are always brimming with life..