New Product Launch : Topa

When do we think about time and space? Not often, right?

Apparently, we are more susceptible to these two concepts when circumstances force our pace of life to a halt. 

At Akaba, we wanted to acknowledge the concepts of time and space with two new products that change ambiences, brimming with uniqueness.

A new concept designed to breathe life into environments that invite us to relax, to take a break and become aware of what we have around us. 


Create figures and design one-of-a-kind




We are talking about the Topa armchairs and their side tables. Together, they create figures and design one-of-a-kind, appealing spaces with their individual structures and simple designs. 

Our attention is drawn to time and space when we think about relaxed, practical ambiences. We find the blend of both ideas to be fascinating. This is how this new concept for tables and armchairs came to life. There can be one or several elements, and they can be changed based on needs.




Topa's versatility begins with a range of colours that is not pre-set, and with tones that can be varied and custom-selected, as well as the line’s accessories. 

Adding or removing pieces like armrests opens up the possibility of making as many combos and uses as one can imagine. Individual chairs, sofas with multiple seats and armchairs are just a few examples of possible creations. 

This line comes with console and coffee tables at different heights to provide alternatives for collaborative spaces, workplaces and waiting or meeting rooms.



There are endless possibilities, and the result of the synergy between the elements is a range of modulable products that can be adapted to any purpose.


Transforme and give life to a new element


The timeless nature of these new additions means that if the location's needs change in the future, the furniture can be transformed and give life to a new element by varying the accessories. With Topa, you can add or remove the armrests, and with the tables, you can use each unit separately.  



We are thrilled to introduce and share this new armchair and side table design, the fruit of the Akaba team's work. 

We hope that this design will make it easier to adapt ambiences and spaces and that it will be the solution to multi-functional projects.


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