Gorka XL Swivel

Gorka XL Swivel
Gorka XL Swivel

Gorka XL Swivel

Fixed-height swivel chair in wood with and without arms with glides or castors.
Structure 4-star injected aluminium base, fixed height and swivelling.
Arms high-pressure die-cast aluminium. Quality: UNE L-2630. Injection pressure = 1,000 MT.
Shell 9-layer beech wood curved in high frequency hot press and aluminium mould. Surface treatment with fine 100 grade steel wool. Final coat of two-component polyurethane and catalyst with UV and non-yellowing filter. Discontinuous thickness 10-11mm.  
Foam cushion with 35 kg/m3 density and 10mm thickness; glued using eco-friendly waterborne adhesive.
Glides polypropylene with felt.  
Metallic finishes epoxy/polyester paint with a thickness of 50-90 microns depending on the colour, ISO 2409 Gt 0 adhesion and ASTM 2794 impact 2.5 joules reverse & direct or polished.
Finishes stained with matt acrylic varnish with UV filter available in different options.
Upholstery see manufacturers' specifications.

Environmental Certificates

Recyclable up to 100 %.


Gorka XL Swivel

Measures Gorka XL Swivel


Product weight:

XL Swivel with arms
11,5 kg

XL Swivel without arms
12 kg

Packaging Information:

680x560x840 mm

Number of chairs per box:

1 Unit

Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

(for more than 1 unit contact factory)

0,92 ml / 18 feet


Castors / GK

Castors / GK

Hard or soft castors.


Shells / Varnished plywoods

Colour / M-613

Colour / M-653

Colour / M-638

Colour / M-637

Metal finishes / Powder coats (RAL: approximate references)

Colour / P-5001: *RAL 5001 NAVY BLUE

Colour / P-5007: *RAL 5007 Brilliant blue

Colour / P-283: *PANTONE 283 Sky Blue

Colour / P-5018: *RAL 5018 Turquoise blue

Colour / P-7010 : *RAL 7010 Winter Green Textured

Colour / P-7024: *RAL 7024 Graphite grey

Colour / P-247: *RAL 9007 Silver

Colour / P-240: *RAL 9006 Silver Textured

Colour / P-201: *RAL 9010 White

Colour / P-257: *RAL 9016 White Textured

Colour / P-246: *RAL 9017 Black

Colour / P-208: *RAL 9017 Black Textured

Colour / P-7003: *RAL 7003 Moss grey

Colour / P-6028: *RAL 6028 Pine Green

Colour / P-252: *RAL 6021 Pale Green

Colour / P-952: *Pantone 952 Spicy Mustard

Colour / P-254: *RAL 7042 Traffic Grey

Colour / P-3040: MINT

Colour / P-250: *RAL 1015 Mustard

Colour / P-1017: *RAL 1017 Apricot - Ochre

Colour / P-249: *RAL 1019 Grey Beige

Colour / P-1002: IVORY

Colour / P-3010: LATTE

Colour / P-893: *RAL 7006 Mocha

Colour / P-3012: *RAL 3012 Beige Red - Terracota

Colour / P-251: *RAL 3017 Rose

Colour / P-8015: *RAL 8015 BORDEAUX

Metal finishes / Polisheds-Chromeds

Colour / P-225 / P-200 Polished-chromed