Akaba Arin


Design by

Perry A. King &
Santiago Miranda

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Conceived to meet the needs of the advanced user, Arin shuns harsh and functional aesthetics in the same way as it shuns the falsely domestic. A fully operative product, Arin responds to the demands of the sector. Its parts and mechanisms are extremely precise for regulation throughout, and it offers an exceptional range of customization possibilities. All of this makes Arin the perfect chair for that demanding advanced user.  

Enormous versatility for adapting to all needs: a back with or without upholstery, bases in two materials and different wheels.

Awards: IF design Award 2011

Akaba Arin

great versatility to suit all needs

Akaba Arin
Akaba ArinAkaba ArinAkaba ArinAkaba ArinAkaba ArinAkaba Arin
Akaba Arin
Akaba Arin
Perry A. King / Santiago Miranda

Perry A. King / Santiago Miranda

Santiago Miranda and Perry King create a multidisciplinary team from the fusion of two design concepts. One Mediterranean and the other one Anglo-Saxon, one industrial designer and the other one educated in plastic arts and design.

King & Miranda are the authors of a number of books, juries at international design conquests and have developed an intense carrier in educational and research activities.


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C-008 blanco / white

Colour / C-052 gris / grey

Colour / C-002 negro / black