The colours and purpose of the spaces

The choice of colour when creating places is key to communication. Here it’s not only a question of image, but also of transmitting sensations and emotions. It all depends on the objective we want to achieve with the decoration as a whole.

At Akaba we don’t only produce furniture that makes life easier for people and enhances the development and creation of projects. Our aim to prompt positive feelings in every person who interacts with our designs




How do we do it? 


On the one hand we conceive functionality as an essential and infallible factor, proceeding to breathe life and movement into the furniture through colour and textures.  The possibility of combining materials and shapes becomes in itself the development of an exclusive and custom-made product.

The chairs in the Akaba collection demonstrate the variability with respect to material and colours.  These are designs which can be endlessly adapted to achieve multipurpose and versatile elements.

Here the aim is to highlight the combination of two colours to create inviting and formal atmospheres.  


Winter Green colour




Belonging to the range of cold colours, these shades enable us to create environments with a more serious style.

They can be used in bars, restaurants and workspaces with meeting or waiting rooms.

Shades of this type are also perfect for places with warmer climates thanks to the fact that they generate a cool and calming sensation.


Beige Red colour


This shade belongs to the warm range of colours. They are used to give atmospheres a harmonious touch and create an inviting feeling.

The application of this colour makes the AIA chair a must for home dining rooms or as part of a canteen. 


These two shades are only one example of the use and characteristics that can be applied to each of the designs in the Akaba brand. We hope they will inspire you in the development of new interior design projects.