Our philosophy: People

Ever since its inception Akaba has focussed its value proposition on people. However our work doesn’t only involve manufacturing furniture for collectives, but rather endeavouring to improve people’s quality of life thanks to our products.

We believe that the road to evolving as a company and as a society is to contribute value with the things we do. We aim to have a positive impact on our customers, our collaborators and on our work team.



Well-being and stability

We know that our company’s success depends on the people who work here, that’s why our labour policies feature well-being and stability as its core values.

Among other aspects, we consider professional development to be the backbone of our internal strategy given that promoting company progress as a life cycle guarantees growth for all of us in different areas. In this respect, we work to ensure that more than 50% of the company is headed by women at managerial level.


Relationship with the different institutions

For Akaba it is important to highlight the efforts and consolidation of our relationship with the different institutions who have fostered our work over the years.

We have been working with the  Centro Educativo de Ortzadarfor 15 years, thanks to which 15% of the company employees are people who are completing their professional education at the centre.



The Centro Educativo de Ortzadar promotes social integration thanks to education programmes for groups at risk of social exclusion, giving people the opportunity to develop their skills thanks to programmes in different fields.

On the other hand, Sutargi is an institution that works with public and private bodies which share the commitment to achieving labour inclusion for different collectives. These are the people who produce all of the sample collections for the Akaba brand.




As we grow, we see the need to introduce new paths that will guarantee everyone equal opportunities and a better working space where people can achieve their objectives.

At the end of the day, our greatest value lies with the implication of people when we promote their work.