Our People: Iker



This time round we’re talking to Iker Irastorza, Shipments Manager, the person responsible for making sure that our products arrive at their destination safe and sound. Having been with the company for 22 years, Iker has experienced AKABA’s transformation and development first hand, thanks to which he too has been able to grow personally and professionally. 

How were your early days at Akaba?

I started working at AKABA in 2000 on the recommendation of a colleague. My first job was in the assembly section, where I learned about the AKABA products first hand. In 2008 after a workmate had been off sick, I was assigned to the shipments team… and I’m still there!

Iker finds it enormously satisfying to be able to see the outcome of his work. Every grain of sand is part of the end result, a result achieved thanks to the participation of the whole team. “I love the fact that my work is so varied. One minute I’m calculating the volume of an order and the next getting quotes or loading lorries. But what I like best is to see the result of the product after it has gone through the different manufacturing processes, when the customer sends you pictures showing you their offices. When I see these pictures, I also see the cooperation and the effort that each of us have put into creating the best product possible”.  

During all this time, Iker has kept sight of AKABA’s roots and essence, where GORKA remains its star product “This was the chair that sold most and which I therefore had to assemble most; I’ve held it in my hands so often that I have become really fond of it”.

Could you tell us an anecdote, a funny story you remember or something that has happened to you during your time at AKABA?

I have very fond memories of a project in Granada. We went there to set it up and it took us so long that we had to go back 3 times. The team was made up of 15 people and it just so happened that the April Fair was on. Although the fair gave us the odd logistics headache, we also had great fun joining in with the festivities and really bonded as a team. Let me just say that we had heaps of laughs and heaps of unexpected experiences.

We can’t end without asking you what kind of coffee you like?

I like it hot, but not too hot, and the pleasure of drinking it freshly made.