Interview with Jorge Pensi

«Even as a child I knew that the things I like most were those to which you could apply creativity, inventiveness and imagination».

We start our interview with Jorge Pensi with one of the quotes that defines him best and reflects the way we know him best: creative, inventive and imaginative.   



In this space we want to demonstrate the ties that connect us to Jorge and to the Pensi Design Studio thanks to his designs and the collaborations which have earned us important successes together.

Jorge, tell us a little about your time with Akaba.

On what designs have you collaborated or worked on exclusively, and what is your personal favourite?

My time with Akaba is intense and, over our many years together, we have achieved great successes, products that enjoy strong recognition and together we landed the National Design Award for our work. Our products with Akaba are timeless; Gorka was our first collection, followed by Carma, Absolut, Pol, Emotive, Muga, Branka, and recently Kabi and Topa. 

What’s your aim when designing furniture for collective use?

As an architect, my interlocutor when conceiving a product is the architect or interior designer whom I want to endow with tools they can use in their projects. My aim is to seduce them.

Can you tell us how you give your designs their timeless feeling? Materials, lines, colours...

You always hope that something you design will last in time. I let myself be carried away by my intuition and distance myself from the trends of the moment, endeavouring to ensure that the object proposed can easily blend into any architectural space without clashing.

Do you expect a reaction from people when they use your designs?

I hope they enjoy them.

What’s your favourite place? 

The sun-filled kitchen of my house in the country.


Jorge and his studio have offered us many designs for the possibility of their incorporation to our products and which have represented an unprecedented solution for our customers.

But today we want to highlight two of them: the Gorka collection, the first design created by Jorge Pensi for Akaba, and Kabi, the most recent and the one which has become enormously popular for its versatility, materials and colours.