More than 10 years committed to the environment

Twenty years ago, at AKABA we pledged to draw up an environmental improvement plan to reduce our impact on the planet without giving up on quality. After receiving the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate and the ISO 14006 Ecodesign Management System Certificate, in these last ten years we have introduced an environmental management system which has enabled us to:

  1. Prevent the pollution of water, land and the atmosphere
  2. Make rational use of resources and facilitate their reuse
  3. Minimise the consumption of raw material
  4. Comply with existing environmental legislation and guarantee that our suppliers act in the same way


A commitment to the future

The efforts made in these ten years have enabled us to obtain the GECA certificate, an Australian ecolabel on sustainability and the environment. We design all of our products
according to the Ecodesign standard and offer you their environmental declaration with details such as:

  1. Atmospheric emissions
  2. Emissions to water
  3. Recyclability
  4. Analysis of impact categories

We look to the future with enthusiasm, committed to our environment and determined to continue working to minimise the impact we leave on our Earth.

Sustainability without giving up on quality

Timeless, lasting and top quality products: we protect the environment without losing sight of the design and comfort that have characterised us since the first day, using noble materials and focussed on finishes of the very finest quality.

At AKABA we design useful products which survive the passing of time, helping us to reduce the amount of materials we use as well as the waste we generate. Only by proceeding in this way can we care for our planet by doing what we know best: designing furniture that makes your day-to-day business a little better.