Working to a hybrid model

The return to working on-site with new spaces

Thousands of people all over Spain are returning to the routine of work, projects and classes, but also to the normality of sharing a space with others as we did until 18 months ago.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, uncertainty has become more intense, particularly in social circles, where the restrictions on proximity with one another or having to share public spaces with security measures made us, for a time, consider changes in the way we socialise, work and even study.

But it seems that the situation has changed tack, and that both schools and offices will soon return to their activity. From Akaba, we want to highlight the safest way of returning to the office thanks to the brand’s versatile designs.

The office concept as we knew it until now has been revamped, or rather transformed to become a way of working with protocols and measures to guarantee the wellbeing of all involved.  


Working to a hybrid model

This may be the key to balance, working a couple of days from home and the rest at the office. It also represents a number of advantages for the company, such as having more space to observe social distancing.

In this case, the best idea is to be able to adapt multipurpose rooms with large tables and at different heights, such as Carma, combining them for instance with Kabi Armchairs which facilitate the expression of spaces thanks to their shapes, outlines and metal bases.

Carma can be adapted to different sizes, offering the option of creating several workstations or with different functions. Such as an office, meeting or dining room. And the same can be said of the Kabi Armchairs which, depending on their different features, can be used as either static or movable. It all depends on the needs and on the space to be created.


No doubt about it, this is a fantastic opportunity to adapt work to lifestyle and, why not, to achieve work-life balance, leaving more time to spend with the family.

However, while the online option is an alternative for many companies and businesses, the reality is that some professions require a physical environment to develop their work, not to mention the importance for employees and collaborators of having a space in which to foster relations and feel part of a team.

That’s why we believe the office as such won’t disappear; instead it will transform to offer alternative concepts, where flexibility will be the name of the day for achieving balance.