Feralco | Simplicity and architecture

Renovating a space means adapting to an environment and getting the best result from something which may or may not meet the project needs or objectives. While it is an enormous challenge, it also opens a world of possibilities. 




Breathing new life into an old structure such as that of Feralco, represented, for Akaba a challenge and an opportunity. Starting to write on a blank sheet of paper means endless possibilities. But what happens when we take up something that already has a large part of its structure in place? 


This has been a case involving many factors, but undoubtedly the most important has been breathing new life into a building that appeared to be the verge of ruin, a process also known as adaptive reuse architecture.


Taking a look inwards

Kabi chair

Kabi chair + Usoa table

The former structure offered the advantage of having a great basis to work on, such as: big windows and open spaces. Starting from these, the lighting was designed to contrast with the outside, bringing life to the central rooms and to a series of small and adjacent rooms.


The next complementary touch was the furniture, which followed the same theme, contributing to the uniformity of each space and, in turn, helping to improve the functional nature of each area.

Taburete Xoko



Xoko stool

Xoko stool + Gune table

The colours too provided the inspiration to bring greater warmth into the spaces that needed it, such as small rooms for study or collaborative work.


Usoa table

Usoa bench + Arin office chair

Over and above the elements and the structure, we worked to the precedent of the brand values represented by Feralco as a company which seeks to provide the best quality of life to millions of people, by means of quality water.




It was obvious that transparency had to play a leading role within the constructed environment, and we therefore divided the spaces using large panes of glass instead of walls, thereby opening the spaces without losing the privacy for which they were created.

The result? A building of exterior simplicity, yet symbolic not only of what it may have represented in the past, but also of the meaning we have given it today, following its renovation.


Project made by  Estudio ALD,  Architectura e ingenería and BZ sistemas


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