Corporate image in offices and workspaces

Talking about executive offices and workspaces is the same as talking about corporate image and identity. The colours, materials and textures are all directly related to a first approximation of the senses to the explored environment; that makes it the starting point for creating a space.


Bat Executive

The Bat Executive  collection is designed to highlight the institutional values reflected in the meeting rooms and executive offices. Sobriety, warmth and trust are only 3 of the intrinsic aspects of this line specialising in desks for open spaces devised to stimulate project development and leadership.

Mesa de dirección

Project: Neva Interior Design

Desks offering adaptable configurations and materials such as wood and metal, with which to compose spaces representing the coming together of ideas and the emergence of myriad collaborations. Bat Executive has been created to encourage the flow of ideas, prompting people to share their knowledge while generating synergies. The difference lies in the details: walnut wood and leather finish: sled legs in painted steel...

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Bat Office

As an alternative or complement to Bat Executive we have developed the Bat Officedesk with two ideas in mind:

1. To generate spaces where ideas and creativity flow in work groups.

2. To provide several workspaces united around a same concept and characteristics.


Cinfa's offices - Sube Interiorismo

These desks offer endless configurations; their shapes and materials adapt to any kind of space and use, thanks to the simplicity and functionality of each element. They are ideal for open spaces where collaboration, teamwork and interaction are encouraged.

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The creation of personalised spaces always depends on variables such as space, lighting, surroundings and each company’s personal style; that’s why at Akaba we design and produce different product lines which complement and diversify one another, such as the Bat Executive and Bat Office desks, the perfect solution for working alone or as a team.