Colours and trends for 2021

What better way to start the year than talking about trends, colours and materials that will bring your interior decoration projects to life in 2021?

If we try to do anything when creating contact furniture it’s to innovate with objects that convey emotions, making it possible to lend personality and character to spaces and draw attention to any element we work with.

The influence of the design will be determined by the state of mind you want to convey and generate in your atmospheres, something made clear by Pantone on proposing a synergy of colours intended to send a message of hope.

Although furniture is essentially a matter of textures and shapes, we believe it is also important to highlight aspects such as the sustainability and functionality of spaces.

Caring for the environment is an aspect that will prevail in all areas, and our case could be no different. Continue reading and find out why. 


Pantone: a fusion of colours that mutually accompany one another



Every year Pantone proposes a combination of colours which finally becomes a reference in all aspects related to design and interior decoration.

The «Color of the year» for 2021 invites you to see life from a more hopeful point of view, with a renewed vision and new ways of thinking and conceptualising. 

«With a message of happiness supported by fortitude, the combination of PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is aspirational and gives us hope». 

A substantial selection of Akaba designs are available in «Mustard» and «Traffic Grey», two variations of «Illuminating» and «Ultimate Gray».

The «Mustard» shade helps to create contrasts with other elements of the space or items of furniture such as desks or cabinets. This is a shade that conveys warmth and helps to personalise places.




While the grey in itself projects no particular vitality, it does open the door to working with other neutral colour scales which can be combined to create inviting spaces, sober and full of elegance.


Materials: sustainability and the environment

In a constant endeavour to behave more respectfully towards the environment, the simplest way is to reuse and replace the plastic formerly used in all kinds of production, giving way to the emergence of new materials and, in other cases, to the reinvention of other, more traditional materials, such as wood.

All of these aspects have driven interior design towards a more industrial style, with the use of painted brick walls, cement or wooden floors and metal furniture with straight and simple lines. The result is harmony between the infrastructure and the furniture, the textures and the colours. 

Although there is no defined procedure for questions of design and creativity, we hope that these two trends can help you to choose the pieces you will add to your interior design projects in the year 2021.