A new beginning

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It is nearly the end of summer and, like always this time of year, we sense great changes around the bend. We normally call it "back to school," but it is actually the beginning of a new season of challenges and missions to undertake.

Some call it the "September Slog," but we would rather see it as the beginning of something different and tackle it with excitement and motivation. We know that adapting is no easy task.

Sometimes the changes overwhelm us, and this is understandable. We are not actually worried about doing many things at once or having everything in order. In reality, what we are up against is the surprise factor. A factor we are perhaps not prepared for, because a new phase can change the course of our lives.


Chance to rise anew


This is why we like to view this season as the chance to rise anew, to set new objectives and do things in a better way.

At Akaba, we think about solutions that help to deal with these changes by means of tools that can adapt to different work environments, whether for groups or for individuals.




One example of this is the Aia  chair. Thanks to its simplicity and versatility, this is a good solution when creating a space for working, meeting, or sharing.

The versatility of its materials and colours adapt to different spaces and settings, thereby eliminating the need to renovate or remodel locations.




The back and seat surface are broad, providing comfort, while the metal parts may vary in colour, making this chair a harmonic, multi-functional design.

The Aia chair offers the possibility of combining textiles or wood and colours, breathing life and renewing work spaces, collaborative settings or leisure and recreational locations.