Operative office chair.   
Base 5-star polyamide 6 in various finishes or in painted or ball-polished aluminium.
Fixed arms polyamide 6 + 30% fiberglass in various finishes or high-pressure die-cast aluminium. Quality UNE L-2639. Painted or ball-polished.
Height adjustment mechanism and synchro tilt mechanism offering several positions. Tension regulator and option of seat depth adjustment.
Castors auto braking without weight.
Foam seat different shapes and discontinuous thicknesses for improved ergonomics while seated, injected in polyurethane with 48kg/m3 density and 40mm thickness. 
Back recycled injected plastic, height adjustable with a run of 100mm, polyester foam with 15mm thickness and 35kg/m3 density. 
Rear back polypropylene + 10% fiberglass in various finishes. 
Metallic finishes epoxy/polyester paint with a thickness of 50-90 microns depending on the colour, ISO 2409 Gt 0 adhesion and ASTM 2794 impact 2.5 joules reverse & direct.
Upholstery seat and front part of the back. See manufacturers' fabric specifications.

Environmental Certificates

UNE EN ISO 9241- 5 Requisitos ergonómicos para la oficina.  Ergononomic requirements for office work. Exigences ergonomiques pour travail de bureau.
UNE EN 1335-1 Sillas de oficina. Office work chair. Sièges de travail de bureau.
ISO 14006  Ecodesign.
EPD (Declaración medioambiental de producto, Environmental product declaration).

Recyclable up to 68 %.


Muga Office Task Chair

Measures Muga Office Task Chair


Product weight:

Muga-2 without arms
20 kg

Muga-2 with arms
22 kg

Packaging Information:

680X560X740 mm

Number of chairs per box:


Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

(for more than 1 unit contact factory)

0,77 ml / 14 feet


Aluminum fixed arm / MG

Aluminum fixed arm / MG

Polished or painted.

Polyamide fixed arm / MG

Polyamide fixed arm / MG

Adjustable arms / MG

Adjustable arms / MG

2D or 3D

Leather upholstered armrests / MG

Leather upholstered armrests / MG

Soft castors / MG

Soft castors / MG

Hard castors / MG

Hard castors / MG

Slide glides / MG

Slide glides / MG

Piston height adjustment and footrest / MG

Piston height adjustment and footrest / MG


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C002 Black

Colour / C008 White

Colour / C052 Traffic grey

Metal finishes / Powder coats (RAL: approximate references)

Colour / P-5001: *RAL 5001 NAVY BLUE

Colour / P-5007: *RAL 5007 Brilliant blue

Colour / P-283: *PANTONE 283 Sky Blue

Colour / P-5018: *RAL 5018 Turquoise blue

Colour / P-7010 : *RAL 7010 Winter Green Textured

Colour / P-7024: *RAL 7024 Graphite grey

Colour / P-201: *RAL 9010 White

Colour / P-257: *RAL 9016 White Textured

Colour / P-246: *RAL 9017 Black

Colour / P-208: *RAL 9017 Black Textured

Colour / P-7003: *RAL 7003 Moss grey

Colour / P-6028: *RAL 6028 Pine Green

Colour / P-252: *RAL 6021 Pale Green

Colour / P-952: *Pantone 952 Spicy Mustard

Colour / P-254: *RAL 7042 Traffic Grey

Colour / P-3040: MINT

Colour / P-250: *RAL 1015 Mustard

Colour / P-1017: *RAL 1017 Apricot - Ochre

Colour / P-249: *RAL 1019 Grey Beige

Colour / P-1002: IVORY

Colour / P-3010: LATTE

Colour / P-893: *RAL 7006 Mocha

Colour / P-3012: *RAL 3012 Beige Red - Terracota

Colour / P-251: *RAL 3017 Rose

Colour / P-8015: *RAL 8015 BORDEAUX

Metal finishes / Polisheds-Chromeds

Colour / P-225 / P-200 Polished-chromed