Akaba Muga-2Akaba Muga-2Akaba Muga-2


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Muga-2 is an operative office chair, ideal for those work environments striving to become spaces for meetings and creativity. The new corporate culture finds its design and functionality in this Muga-2. 

With arms (in different materials and shapes, including the option of an adjustable arm) or without; with myriad upholstery options and a wide variety of bases... Muga-2 can be fully customized, but always combining design, effectiveness and usability.  

fully customizable

Akaba Muga-2
Akaba Muga-2
Akaba Muga-2
Akaba Muga-2


Pensi Design Studio

Pensi Design Studio

Pensi Design Studio has been awarded numerous prizes and has received widespread recognition throughout his career, including the Spanish National Design Prize in 1997, awarded by the Ministry of Industry and Energy and the BCD Foundation for outstanding professional achievement. If there is one thing which defines Pensi Design Studios products, it is their timelessness. Among the most well-known designs we can name the Gorka program for Akaba (1993), the Hola series for Kusch+Co (1993), Glassbox for Disform (1995), the Temps chair for Punt Mobles (1997) and the Artico and Duna collection for Cassina (1998).


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C-008 blanco / white

Colour / C-002 negro / black

Colour / C-052 gris / grey

Metal finishes / Powder coats (RAL: approximate references)

Colour / P-7010 : RAL 7010 Winter green

Colour / P-3012 : *RAL 3012 Beige red

Colour / P-1017 : *RAL 1017 Apricot

Colour / P-201: RAL 9010 White

Metal finishes / Polisheds-Chromeds

Colour / P-225 / P-200 Polished-chromed