Lur Pyramid Wood Base

Lur Pyramid Wood Base
Lur Pyramid Wood BaseLur Pyramid Wood BaseLur Pyramid Wood BaseLur Pyramid Wood Base

Lur Pyramid Wood Base

Chair with arms. 
Structure eith 4 arms base in natural stained oak. Fixed or swivel.
Shell single piece in polypropylene + fiberglass, 100% recyclable.
Foam cusion with different densities.  
Glides Translucent.
Metallic finishes epoxy/polyester paint with a thickness of 50-90 microns depending on the colour, ISO 2409 Gt 0 adhesion and ASTM 2794 impact 2.5 joules reverse & direct or chrome finish, composition: 98.4% NI, 1.6% CR, 24.4 micron thickness and UNE EN ISO 2409-96 adhesion, Classification 0 
Upholstery seat only or fully upholstered.  See manufacturers' specifications for fabrics.

Environmental Certificates

ISO 14006 Ecodesign.
EPD (Declaración medioambiental de producto, Environmental product declaration).


Lur Pyramid Wood Base

Measures Lur Pyramid Wood Base


Product weight:

Non upholstered 6,6 kg
Seat upholstered 7,5 kg
Front upholstered 7,7 kg
Fully upholstered 8,7kg

Packaging Information:


Number of chairs per box:


Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

(for more than 1 unit contact factory)

Only seat 0,36 ml
Frontal 0,75 ml
Fully upholstered 1,5 ml


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C-7020 NAVY BLUE

Colour / C002 Black

Colour / C879 Graphite grey

Colour / C-5040 BORDEAUX

Colour / C-1002 IVORY

Colour / C-3010 LATTE

Colour / C-3030 TERRACOTTA

Colour / C-2050 OCHRE

Colour / C-3040 MINT