Lur Pyramid Wood Base

Lur Pyramid Wood Base
Lur Pyramid Wood BaseLur Pyramid Wood BaseLur Pyramid Wood BaseLur Pyramid Wood Base

Lur Pyramid Wood Base

Chair with arms. 
Structure eith 4 arms base in natural varnished or black stained oak wood. Fixed or swivel.
Shell single piece in polypropylene + fiberglass, 100% recyclable.
Foam cusion with different densities, glued using eco-friendly waterborne adhesive. 
Metallic finishes epoxy/polyester paint with a thickness of 50-90 microns depending on the colour, ISO 2409 Gt 0 adhesion and ASTM 2794 impact 2.5 joules reverse & direct.
Glides polypropylene.
Upholstery seat only, front upholstery or fully upholstered. See manufacturers' specifications for fabrics.

Environmental Certificates

EPD (Environmental product declaration).
UNE EN 16139:2013 Furniture - Strength, durability and safety - Requirements for non-domestic seating.
UNE EN 1021-1:2015 y UNE EN 1021-2:2015 Reaction to fire.
ISO 14006:2020 Ecodesign.

Recyclable up to 100 %.


Lur Pyramid Wood Base

Measures Lur Pyramid Wood Base


Product weight:

Non upholstered 6,6kg
Seat upholstered 7,5kg
Front upholstered 7,7kg
Fully upholstered 8,7kg

Packaging Information:


Number of chairs per box:


Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

(for more than 1 unit contact factory)

Only seat 0,55ml / 4 feet
Frontal 0,85ml
Fully upholstered 1,5ml / 18 feet


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C-7020 NAVY BLUE

Colour / C002 Black

Colour / C879 Graphite grey

Colour / C-5040 BORDEAUX

Colour / C-1002 IVORY

Colour / C-3010 LATTE

Colour / C-3030 TERRACOTTA

Colour / C-2050 OCHRE

Colour / C-3040 MINT

Plastics / 100% Recycled Plastique

Colour / C-2010 GREEN BEIGE

Colour / C-3020 LIGHT BROWN