Klasik Wood Legs

Klasik Wood Legs
Klasik Wood LegsKlasik Wood LegsKlasik Wood LegsKlasik Wood Legs

Klasik Wood Legs

Wooden chair with or without armrests and wooden legs. Option oak or walnut.
Structure with plywood base finished in natural oak or walnut varnished.
Seat and backrest in plywood with natural oak or walnut finish.
Foam: Seat cut foam density 35 kg/m3 and 10 mm thick, glued with environmentally friendly water-based glue. 
Glides in polypropylene, felt option.
Upholstery only front upholstered seat or front upholstered seat and backrest. See fabric specifications according to manufacturer.


Klasik Wood Legs

Measures Klasik Wood Legs


Product weight:

Non upholstered 7,0kg
Seat upholstered 7,9kg
Seat & back upholstered 8,8kg

Packaging Information:


Number of chairs per box:


Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

(For projects, please contact the factory)

Only fabric seat 0,51ml/leather 3 feet
Seat and back fabric 0,51/leather 6 feet


Shells / Oaks

Colour / M-670

Shells / American walnuts

Colour / M-685