Kabi Stool Wood

Kabi Stool Wood
Kabi Stool WoodKabi Stool WoodKabi Stool Wood

Kabi Stool Wood

Stool with four beech wood legs non stackable available in 2 heights.
Frame made of steel tube and natural stained wood with footrest chromed.
Shell single piece in 80% polypropylene + 20% fiberglass, 100% recyclable.
Foam cushion with 35 kg/m3 density and 15mm thickness for fully upholstered shells; glued using eco-friendly waterborne adhesive.
Polypropylene glides, option with felt.
Metallic finishes epoxy/polyester paint with a thickness of 50-90 microns depending on the colour, ISO 2409 Gt 0 adhesion and ASTM 2794 impact 2.5 joules reverse & direct.
Fully upholstered.  See manufacturers' fabric specifications.    


Kabi Stool Wood

Measures Kabi Stool Wood


Product weight:

H640: 4,8 kg
H760: 5 kg

Packaging Information:

H640: 540x540x970mm
H760: 540x540x1090mm

Number of chairs per box:

H640: 1 pc. per box
H760: 1 pc. per box

Footage for upholstered versions (COM):

Metering: 0,60 ml / leather 12 ft.


Plastics / Colours

Colour / C5007 Distant blue

Colour / C283 Sky blue

Colour / C5018 Turquoise

Colour / C002 Black

Colour / C879 Graphite grey

Colour / C893 Mocha

Colour / C017 Rose

Colour / C008 White

Colour / C051 Grey beige

Colour / C952 Spicy mustard

Colour / C052 Traffic grey

Colour / C6028 Pine green