Akaba Balu-ArteAkaba Balu-Arte


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Dhemen Design &
Patxi Mangado

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System of multifunctional desks in different sizes, where the aluminium extrusion is the star material. Its square legs, its joints and horizontal profiles make this the ideal base for different types of desktop. The result is sober, elegant and visibly lightweight, yet tremendously resistant.

The system makes it very easy to add a variety of accessories, such as joints between desks, guides or braked castors, modesty panels or computer stands. An optional variety of electrical kits are also available.

multifunctional table system

Akaba Balu-ArteAkaba Balu-Arte
Akaba Balu-ArteAkaba Balu-ArteAkaba Balu-Arte
Akaba Balu-Arte

aluminium extrusion is the key for versatility

Akaba Balu-Arte
Akaba Balu-ArteAkaba Balu-Arte
Akaba Balu-Arte
Akaba Balu-Arte
Akaba Balu-ArteAkaba Balu-Arte
Dhemen Design

Dhemen Design

In 1995, Igor and Asier founded Dhemen Design. What had begun as a game when they were children had become their profession. Four years later, Mikel, the youngest brother, joined them in the studio. In the year 2003, Dhemen moved to Orio, a privileged location between the sea, the bay and the mountains, where the Esnal brothers and their team carry out their creative activities.

They share their professional activity and working on product research with Inasmet, the San Sebastian based technology centre.

Patxi Mangado

Patxi Mangado

Born in Navarra, Spain in 1957. Graduated as an architect from the Superior School of Architecture of the University of Navarra, where he later developed his academic career as a professor, in addition to teaching at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, at the University of Texas UTA and the International University in Catalunya, as well as other schools. He has received the Andrea Palladio Architecture Prize, the Thiene Architecture Prize, the Architecti Prize, the CEOE First Place Prize and the FAD among others.

Among his works and apart of private housing and awarded urban developments, we can highlight cultural centres, exhibition and convention centres, museums and office buildings through out European cities.


Table tops / Compact

Colour / M-626 Blanco / White

Colour / M-629 Negro / Black

Table tops / Melamines

Colour / M-821 Rosa Talco / Rose

Colour / M-822 Verde Oliva / Olive Green

Colour / M-820 Roble / Oak Sinatra

Colour / M-819 Nogal / Walnut Slow

Colour / M-817 blanco / white polar soft III

Colour / M-814 Roble / Oak Aurora

Colour / M-818 Grafito / Graphite petroleo Soft III

Colour / M-816 Roble / Oak Azabache

Table tops / Woods

Colour / Nogal Natural / M-688

Colour / Roble Natural / M-687

Colour / Roble Negro / M-686

Colour / Roble Blanco / M-690

Metal finishes / Powder coats (RAL: approximate references)

Colour / P-252: RAL 6021 Pale Green

Colour / P-7003: RAL 7003 Moss grey

Colour / P-249: RAL 1019 Grey Beige

Colour / P-893: RAL 7006 Moca

Colour / P-5018: RAL 5018 Turquoise blue

Colour / P-6028: RAL 6028 Pine green

Colour / P-7010 : RAL 7010 Winter green textured

Colour / P-7024: RAL 7024 Graphite grey

Colour / P-3012 : *RAL 3012 Beige red

Colour / P-251: RAL 3017 Rose

Colour / P-1017 : *RAL 1017 Apricot

Colour / P-254: RAL 7042 Traffic grey

Colour / P-250: RAL 1015 Mustard

Colour / P-952: Pantone 952 Spicy mustard

Colour / P-283: PANTONE 283 Sky Blue

Colour / P-5007: RAL 5007 Brilliant blue

Colour / P-201: RAL 9010 White

Colour / P-257: RAL 9016 White textured

Colour / P-246: RAL 9017 Black

Colour / P-208: RAL 9017 Black textured

Colour / P-247: RAL 9007 Silver

Colour / P-240: RAL 9006 Silver Textured