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Colours and trends for 2021

What better way to start the year than talking about trends, colours and materials that will bring your interior decoration projects to life in 2021?

Interview with Jorge Pensi

«Even as a child I knew that the things I like most were those to which you could apply creativity, inventiveness and imagination».


Our philosophy: People

We know that our company’s success depends on the people who work here, that’s why our labour policies feature well-being and stability as its core values.

The colours and purpose of the spaces

The choice of colour when creating places is key to communication. Here it’s not only a question of image, but also of transmitting sensations and emotions.

New Product Launch : Topa

A new concept designed to breathe life into environments that invite us to relax, to take a break and become aware of what we have around us.

From inspiration to implementation.

In this Akaba newsletter, we want to take a look at designer Isaac Piñeiro from a more personal point of view.

A new beginning

It is nearly the end of summer and, like always this time of year, we sense great changes around the bend.

Moments brimming with life

Cafeterias and restaurants are fascinating places where, every day, stories take place that define what we are, and sometimes change our lives.

Working times of Covid-19

Most of our homes are unprepared for remote work. As far as offices are concerned, for those who wish to, or must, keep going to them, they are not entirely prepared to safely tackle the new normal, either.

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More than 10 years committed to the environment

Twenty years ago, at AKABA we pledged to draw up an environmental improvement plan

Trend colors

Light pink es un rosa amable y tenue que transmite una sensación relajada.


Blazer is a pure wool upholstery fabric with a felt finish.


Employees change the way they go about their work and the office reconfigures to become a forum of knowledge.

Gune, rounded corners defining a pleasant outline

The cross-shaped base and rounded edges enhance the Gune table range.

Madrid Design Festival 20

The Neo2 magazine presents an exhibition of the best seats and chairs recently produced by Spanish designers and design studios.

Natural versatility

Versatility is essential in the design, manufacture and use of our products.

Our best wishes for 2020

At Akaba we are passionate about material in its purest expression.


We carefully select noble materials such as leather for their quality and comfort.

Basque Living 2019

Numerous architects and distributors from all over France were the guests who accompanied us at the latest Basque Living event organised by the Habic Cluster.

Visita universitaria

We had a visit from MA Design of Gastronomic Spaces students at the University of the Basque Country.

Didac Foundation Exhibition

We present the exhibition organised by Isaac Piñeiro's studio at the Didac Foundation in Santiago de Compostela, including some of the studio's most representative works.

Aia, a chair with a design that highlights the essential

With gentle and clean lines, Aia is inspired in the Japanese sense of simplicity and harmony.

Balaguer Assessors

An office space that functions around a central nucleus housing the reception services, meeting room, WCs, printers and servers, and office.

Usoa, fusion of robust tables and lighweight design

Usoa is a range of meeting tables which meets and surpasses all expectations.

Xoko, a range for collaborative environments

With a seat of generous dimensions, Xoko is both symmetrical and asymmetrical.